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    In 2014, we celebrated our 20th anniversary as a supplier of headgear of great value and quality, and commemorated with the launch of over 20 new and fabulous avant-garde designs.


    The renowned national manufacturer of tools offers a line of safety footwear made to offer the best comfort to professionals in the world of construction, gardening, or, who exercise their activities abroad.


    The BIRKENSTOCK sandals offer the maximum guarantees and comfort to the user thanks to the experience that the German manufacturer contributes since 1774, being the inventors of the insole that we know today. At VESLAB.COM we distribute the best choice for professionals who bet on the best quality in sanitary or service footwear.

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    Quality, price and a wide range of colors: aprons, bags and towels

    If you are looking for a functional workwear that offers maximum safety as well as attractive both inside and out, Blåkläder is undoubtedly your reference.

    A manufacturer firmly rooted in the Swedish textile industry, Blåkläder has a long history as a producer of clothing, both for the fashion industry and for the industrial sector. With
    More than 50 years of experience in the sector, has achieved a deep and authentic knowledge regarding the manufacture of workwear, as well as the demands of the professional user.

    Blåkläder is a company in continuous growth and projection in the commercialization of functional workwear all over the world. They dedicate extensive production resources and, what is surely more important, a total control of the entire line, being the owner of their factories, a conscious decision. It is simply the best way to ensure long-term quality. Not only in final products, but in fields such as working conditions, environmental awareness and supplier selection.


    I jointly selected an excellent collection of garments that, due to their quality and color, are a perfect complement to work clothes and clothing equip your company.

Showing 1 - 12 of 105 items