List of products by brand DICKIES

Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co was born in 1922 as a workwear company and since then has become the world's leading brand for innovation and reliability in workwear. It has been providing hard-wearing, quality garments to workers for over 100 years. The well-known American brand offers industrial clothing for carpenters, bricklayers, etc... But it is also well known for its range of medical clothing that includes pants, nurses' coats, medical gowns and all kinds of clothing for the world of Health.

Over time, this rugged construction influenced our service-industry clothing and eventually our streetwear.

In the 1980s and 1990s, skateboarders chose the rugged nature of Dickies apparel, knowing it would provide them with scratch-resistant skate pants on concrete, steel, wood, and asphalt.


Price €25.77
Dickies women's slip-on mid-rise scrub pant, straight leg, elastic waist, 5 utility pockets with dickies details. It has a twill tape with the...


Price €31.40
Dickies Medical women's fitted sanitary jacket. With a crossover V-neck. Imperial cut and decorative seams, as well as side openings to improve...