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Specialized work clothes for the fishing professional and his activity Purely conceived for activities related to the world of the fishing industry. Now available acting as a Guy Cotten Distributor in Spain.

Guy Cotten is a French company established in 1964 and is currently a world leader in professional fishing apparel known throughout the coastline and fishing ports. Throughout all these years, they continue to innovate and equip thousands of fishing professionals from more than 30 countries. The exclusive material for its manufacture of its waterproof jackets and fishing bibs is the Nylpêche fabric; very resistant to temperature variations, oils and greases, completely waterproof and very flexible.

Some of his best-known garments are X-Trapper, Drenec, Pouldohan, Men Fall, Rosbras. Other fabrics are Classic, Glentex, Cap-Coz, REDNYL, 420 and breathable like Dremtech +. "L´abri de marin®" expresses the innovative vocation of the company. All types of water clothes for professional fishing, such as water suits, waterproof bibs and waterproof clothing to maintain the impermeability in outdoor activities and, especially on the high seas. Although, in traditional waterproof garments, condensation exists; It is a natural phenomenon that appears when there is a sensitive difference between the outside temperature and that released by our body. The ISOLATECH concept includes the same double window system, reducing condensation.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 67 items