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List of products by manufacturer MECHANIX WEAR

One of the most popular protective glove brands in the world. This California brand is known for making tactical gloves of all kinds, including military gloves, police gloves, airsoft gloves and even driver's gloves. Their breakthrough designs make them stand out from other products. With Mechanix you add to your safety, in the latest fashion.

The history of the Mechanix gloves was not born, unlike other manufacturers, of a military or tactical origin, but come from the very same Daytona racing circuits. In 1991, Mechanix began to manufacture gloves for racing mechanics, becoming one of the preferred brands in that guild, due to the high quality of its materials and the functionality they gave off. Seeing that the popularity of the brand soared, it was logical that the knowledge acquired in the manufacture of tactical gloves of all kinds was applied.

Thus, the first Mechanix models designed specifically as military gloves, police gloves and any type that a professional needed.

To meet the enormous demand that is presupposed to a company like Mechanix, Californians work with the toughest materials today. Among them are some of the well-known fibers such as Kevlar, Nomex or Spectra, guaranteeing optimal resistance to trauma. However, Mechanix stands out for the use of its Matterial4X®, a synthetic fiber designed to improve the performance of natural leather. According to its creators, the secret lies in the dense structure of this fiber, which allows a high resistance to abrasion, shock and inclement weather.

We do not forget, of course, one of the keys that has led the Mechanix gloves to success: design. Each series of Mechanix gloves is planned according to the tastes of consumers, ranging from sober designs to the most striking you can see in a tactical glove. Undoubtedly, one of the series that demonstrates the popularity of this brand is the Mechanix M-Pact gloves, a compendium of all the features that a security professional needs. Any model of M-Pact gloves can perform like military gloves or police gloves, since they provide security, at the same time that they gather protective characteristics like reinforcement fibers in knuckles and fingers -to increase the protection against impacts and abrasion- or an intelligent design of its ergonomics for a better fit.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items