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Workwear is a very important complement for all companies and workers, since it is the usual clothing at work that provides us with the necessary comfort and safety, as well as being one of the most representative elements of the company's image .


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  • COFRA Workwear

    The comfortable Cofra workwear, workwear, pants, uniforms and accessories of the renowned Italian firm is focused on the most demanding professionals in the world of work. All your work clothes are designed to allow maximum freedom of movement thanks to the ergonomic cut and durability of all your work clothes.


    Helly Hansen workwear is, without a doubt, a reference in the world of work and work clothing. Last years he has put at the service of the professional all the technology that has been developing in the world of sports and warm technical clothing since its inception. They stand out for their thermal clothes, warm clothes for work, as well as the new lines of high visibility of last generation.

    The story of Helly Hansen Workwear

    Arguably the most famous wet weather clothing in the world, the Helly Hansen brand has grown from its humble beginnings in 1877 in the fjords of Scandinavia, now a world leader in protection against bad weather. The Norwegian fisherman Helly Juell Hansen was an experienced mariner who had spent much of his life in the ocean, from the age of only fifteen years. The now captain saw that the hats and clothes of the traditional fishermen were simply not up to the job; he and his wife Maren Margarethe began developing the company's first offerings in the form of faux fur jackets, pants and waterproof pants.

    The thick linen garments were soaked in linseed oil and allowed to cure for a period of time before acquiring unprecedented waterproofing properties, the captain knew it was in the hands of a winner. The garments exceeded all those that preceded them; so much so, in fact, in just 5 years, the adventurous entrepreneur had recorded sales of more than 10,000 pieces.

    The years that followed increased the importance of Helly Hansen's work clothes and received a diploma par excellence at the Paris Exposition of 1878. The seven oceans of the world were no longer a barrier for traders, especially for an accomplished fisherman like the good captain; Now the world was open for business with exports of these internationalized popular garments.

    Today, of course, Helly Hansen is synonymous with high quality and reliability, the tool chosen by the serious trader and used globally as a rescue and rescue team for emergency services, including the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the lifeboat service more ancient of the world.


    Blakläder, is the famous brand of workwear created in 1959 in Sweden for professionals and companies who trust the entire guarantee of the Scandinavian manufacturer.

    At VESLAB.COM we have trusted Blakläder as we are convinced that our users will find in this catalog all the features they are looking for. In this sense, a manufacturer that guarantees the seams of its work clothes for life is already a turning point to satisfy the requirements of our most demanding user.

    Furthermore, as far as design is concerned, Blaklader work pants, jackets, t-shirts, overalls and all their accessories are constantly evolving to better meet current demands in terms of image and comfort of professionals.

  • ROPA ISSA Line

    The entire line of ISSA Line Functional workwear stands out for the search for all its garments to facilitate comfort and safety for the user.


    Sparco Workwear Teamwork clothing is especially recommended for professionals in the motor world. It is a line of work clothes of modern design for workshop mechanics who want to offer the best corporate image to their customers.


    All Payper workwear is designed and manufactured to offer the user maximum comfort in all work activities in all sectors. Thanks to the ergonomic cut of all your work clothes, as well as the use of top quality fabrics, they make your brand a symbol of professional loyalty and trust.


    For those who want to distance themselves from the topics ... Flexible and slightly elastic garments, some laminated to protect from rain and wind, but all can adapt to the shape of your body without losing yours.


    The entire James Ross collection in terms of workwear is designed to offer maximum comfort to the user in their daily work activity. His effort in manufacturing stretch fabrics for work wear is his main challenge at all times.

  • MARCA Workwear

    Brand clothing that belongs to the multinational Bunzl world reference in workwear and occupational protection equipment.


    The original great British jeans company, has now been trading for over 100 years!
    Quite an achievement for any brand. In short Lee Cooper is a classic. A clothing and retail company that maintains its rightful high profile position at the very forefront of leading brands. Lee Coopper is synonymous with other Great British icons. When the dinasty began, back in the late 1900's, its roots were fimrly planted in denim workwear. And now we present to you our brand new, acclaimed workwear range.

  • PROJOB Workwear

    Projob workwear is synonymous with high performance at work. The work clothes have to endure a lot and that is why the selection of the resistant materials is done carefully.

    Ergonomics and Functionality. Projob clothing is innovative in several aspects. Functionality + Ergonomics = Comfort + Performance. Before, work clothes were associated with vests full of tools and pants with large pockets. However, carrying the entire toolbox on the clothes harms the shoulders and hips to numb the legs and arms.


    Garment of the company Rossini Trading, one of the leading Italian manufacturers of work clothes. Founded more than 40 years ago as a small workwear factory, it has become one of the market leaders.


    Workwear of the brand Result Work Guard designed specifically for easy handling and access for personalization. Internationally recognized for the quality and reliability of its garments.


    Pants intended for any work activity. Consult our extensive catalog with all varieties of brands and for all pockets.


    One of the most important sections as far as work clothes are concerned, is the clothing and warm clothes for winter and cold environments. During the seasons with low temperatures, it is undoubtedly one of the most demanded work garments. In this sense, we can offer various possibilities, so the available models are numerous: coats and parkas, sweaters, sweatshirts, polar linings, vests, softshell jackets, and even a great variety of thermal underwear with the best features for offer the greatest comfort of the body in the most adverse weather conditions. In this section you will also find a selection of garments that comply with regulations for use in cold rooms.

    In this sense, it will be worth considering what type of garment is more suited to our work needs. In the case that you are asked any question about it, do not hesitate to contact us.


    Wide assortment of high visibility garments to visually signal user presence in order to be detected in risk conditions of the best brands in the sector. 


    Long sleeve and short sleeve cotton work shirts with a great variety of colors of high quality brands such as CLiqué, Fruit of the Loom and a long etcetera. In our wide catalog you will find from 100% cotton shirts of all colors, to breathable shirts, or long-sleeved shirts.

    For all the shirts we offer an agile service of personalization by means of serigraphy, embroidery and textile vinyl to adapt all the clothes with the corporate image of your company.


    WLong sleeve and short sleeve work shirts for men and women with a wide variety of materials and colors of high quality brands such as Fruit of the Loom, B&C, Cliqué, all indicated to be used as a complement in all professional sectors. You will find from 100% cotton polo shirts, to breathable polos through high visibility poles. We remind you that for all of them we offer an agile service of personalization with serigraphy, embroidery and textile vinyl. In this way you can adapt the clothes with the corporate image of your company.ide catalog of T-shirts of all kinds of weight and color to complement their uniforms


    Technical apparel  made ​​to meet the requirements of specific risk protection, respecting the latest safety standards, which are even more rigid in their requirements. You can choose from several levels of protection to the workplace risks that apply. Protection against sparks, heat and flame, liquid chemicals, heat produced by electric arc respecting all design requirements provided


    Do you need to buy waterproof clothing for your work or to equip the wardrobe of your company? In our catalog you will find the best selection of waterproof work clothes to be isolated and protected from rain or moisture. We present our selection of waterproof and breathable workwear, with water suits for work and clothes for men and women that do not allow the passage of moisture or water. Protect yourself from rain, snow and wind with our 100% waterproof and breathable garments!Wide catalog of complete sets of water suits, such as waterproof boots


    Industrial dickies and suits intended for any work activity. Consult our extensive catalog with all varieties of brands and for all pockets.


    A range of models studied for painters, plasterers, bakeries, etc., which includes garments of simple design of 100% cotton and others with composition 65% polyester and 35% cotton and more complex weft, equipped with inserts of Cordura to offer greater resistance and made with an ergonomic cut to guarantee maximum freedom of movement. All the garments are made with X-Barrier fabric, a permanent chemical treatment, resulting from the application of nanotechnology that gives the garments resistance to stains, to dry washes up to 85ºC, guaranteeing good breathability and maintenance of colors. Seams made with three needles give garments greater strength and robustness.


    Buy sanitary uniforms
    Buy your work uniform of sanitary clothing that you are looking for for hospital, clinic, residences, pharmacy, laboratory ... In our VESLAB online store we offer you a wide catalog of sanitary uniforms and sanitary clogs with very reasonable prices.


    Robes and overalls for men and women, white coats or other colors for workshops, cleaning companies, employees, etc ... all of them customizable


    Workwear that for its fitted cut is intended for women and their comfort in professional tasks


    Wide catalog of uniforms for professionals of hairdressing or aesthetic centers.


    Wide catalog of specialized fishing clothing for the fishing sector both offshore and all its related industry. In this section you will find all kinds of technical fabric garments that ensure excellent waterproofing as well as hardness for the tasks of the fishing professional. From waterproof jackets, breastplates, water suits, safety boots, thermal gloves, etc ... We highlight the workwear that for these sectors offer our firms Helly Hansen workwear or Guy Cotten, among others, thinking of fishermen's associations, sea ​​markets, fishing ports, yacht clubs, deep-sea fishermen, fishing industry, etc.Wide catalog of specialized clothing for the fishing industry both offshore and all its related industry


    Uniforms for the food industry sector, which are usually work clothes without buttons, with Velcro fasteners or sometimes clasps, almost always in white. Garments for a very special sector that needs very specific work garments. The food industry is one of the most important in our country, and to respond to large and small companies in this sector, we have selected this collection of garments specifically made to standardize workers in the process of handling and packaging food. We want to cover as widely as possible the demand of the market with garments without outer pockets and with automatic closures, garments to work in the range of cold environments and certified safety footwear.


    Garden workwear for gardeners. Undoubtedly, of green areas, impeccable roundabouts and wide expanses of grass at the foot of the desired pools. Such a view would not be possible without the tireless dedication of gardeners, park and pool maintenance managers, florists, zoo employees, but let's not forget the workers of nurseries and horticulturists, whose work allows us to alleviate our summer suffocation with the freshness of fruits and seasonal vegetables.


    We have all kinds of clothing for the professional or lover of agricultural activity in the field, it should be noted that the agricultural and livestock sector has also been updated in recent years in terms of personal protection at work. We could ensure that, at the same level as the vast majority of other activities. In this section, we propose a wide assortment where you will find pieces that, due to their robustness and design, are highly recommended for professionals in this sector. We highlight highly resistant fabrics for the farmer, such as pants for the field, boots for farmers among others.


    Work clothes and clothing for the trade and services sector because we know that every detail counts. In this way, you will provide your store or business with a corporate image that meets your expectations. In our wide catalog you will find from shirts and blouses, pants, aprons and all kinds of accessories.


    Various accessorieVarious accessories related to industrial clothing and work uniforms such as knee pads, belts,caps


    In this section you can find school gowns or babis for boys and girls, for the little ones and not so small .... We offer you a wide catalog to dress schools, nurseries, kindergartens, children's leisure centers, special education, etc..


    Clothing for hunting of all kinds, designed to facilitate the activity of the hunter during his activity. From camouflage clothing to facilitate camouflage, to fluorescent clothing to facilitate vision depending on the type of hunting that is practiced.


    You will find in this section work clothes for children, highly recommended for their cooking workshops, gifts, costumes, or school gowns, short-sleeved polo shirts and / or T-shirts of all tastes.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 1321 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 1321 items

Quality workwear for your work uniform

Undoubtedly the work uniform is the clothes that we wear the most hours throughout the week. For this, it is important to equip ourselves with clothes of sufficient guarantees and that it offers us the necessary characteristics to perform and facilitate our daily tasks. In our online store we put at your disposal a wide selection of work clothes and work uniforms which comply with the regulations of protection and safety; and also, customizable for each company.

VESLAB | Authentic specialists in the sale of work clothes

VESLAB is a store specialized in the sale of work uniforms last twenty years. We offer you a wide catalog of work clothes and work clothes at very competitive prices. In addition, as our customers know in our store we differentiate ourselves by our service and our personalized customer service.

Buy certified quality workwear online

In our company we know the importance of complying with the regulations in force, that's why we guarantee that the work clothes that we offer you have the necessary certificates to comply with the regulations and work with safety and guarantees.

Custom work uniforms

If you give importance to the corporate image of your company and want to design your own work uniform in VESLAB we also personalize your work clothes so that you can differentiate your company and build a relevant brand image, increasingly important when giving to know your services and stand out from your competitors. We have a service for personalization of work uniforms, in order to offer a personalization applied by embroidery, textile vinyl, screen printing, sublimated transfer or laser in a personalized way and the taste of each client.

Wide assortment of work clothes

In our online store we offer the most complete offer in workwear and workwear: jumpsuits, breastplates, multi-pocket trousers, vests, open clothes, high visibility clothing, disposable clothes and many more with the best brands in the market such as Cofra, Helly Hansen, Dike, Projob, Brand, Rossini, Velilla.