We put at your disposal a wide variety of EPIS (Personal Protective Equipment) homologated and intended for your physical protection, be it eye, ear, head, at heights, maritime tasks, etc ...

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) means any equipment intended to be carried or held by the worker to protect him / her from one or more risks that may threaten his / her health or safety, as well as any accessory or accessory intended for this purpose. . A number of materials and equipment are excluded from this definition, for example relief and rescue services equipment, and self-defense or deterrence equipment. Personal protective equipment must be used when the risks cannot be sufficiently controlled by technical means of collective protection or by work organization procedures.


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  • Hearing Protection
  • Heigh protection

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against Falls from Height should be used when there is a risk that users will fall from a different level, provided that this risk could not be avoided or reduced by applying other preventive measures.

    The PPE against High Falls form the so-called Individual Protection Systems against high falls, designed to prevent or stop free falls, consisting of a body grip device that is connected to an anchorage point by means of a connection system.

  • Body's Protection

    When your joints are inflamed or damaged, you need to take certain precautions with your daily activities.

    Joint protection means performing everyday tasks in a way that reduces the load on the affected joints. Learning how to protect your joints can make work easier and help you reduce pain and save energy. In musculoskeletal disorders, pain is the main symptom suffered by the worker and, obviously, depending on the injury that the worker suffers, pain can range from mild or moderate to acute.
    In this category you will find accessories (knee pads and girdles) for your protection and injury prevention.

  • First Aid Kit

    Botiquines para protección y primeros auxilios.

  • Mar - Chalecos Salvavidas
  • Others protection...
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Showing 1 - 12 of 406 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 406 items

EPI (personal protective equipment) means any device or means that will be carried or that will be available to a person in order to protect against one or more risks that may threaten their health and safety.ide variety of approved items for your physical protection either ocular. auditory, head, in the heights, maritime tasks,