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Labor protection equipment
We put at your disposal a wide variety of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) approved and intended for your physical protection, be it eye, hearing, head, at heights, maritime tasks, etc ...

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) shall be understood as any equipment intended to be worn or held by the worker to protect him from one or more risks that may threaten his safety or health, as well as any complement or accessory intended for this purpose. . A number of materials and equipment are excluded from this definition, for example rescue and rescue services equipment, and self-defense or deterrent equipment. Personal protective equipment must be used when risks cannot be sufficiently controlled by technical means of collective protection or by work organization procedures.


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    In our online store we have safety gloves to protect hands from the different risks in which our hands are exposed to work, in daily work, and we cover all existing needs. Protective gloves against American-type mechanical risks or skin against cuts, tears, punctures, chemicals, thermal (cold and heat), welding, electrical, nitrile gloves, latex, neoprene, anti-cut, disposable, ... The safety glove It protects against these occupational risks, also complying with the requirements of ergonomics and comfort required for each specific job, as well as European CE regulations. All the gloves distributed by VESLAB are manufactured and marked under the demanding CE regulations in their different categories: -Cat. I - Cat. II - Cat. III. It is necessary to find the best balance between safety and comfort to achieve maximum efficiency at work.


    The safety glasses protect the eyes against possible impacts of particles, splashes of liquids or radiation in welding. We recommend the Bollé safety goggles for its excellent optical quality and its studied and attractive design. However, we offer a great diversity in our collection where you can find the ones that best suit your needs, be it laboratory glasses, industrial glasses, protective glasses for construction, welding, work glasses, etc. Among several of the possibilities and materials that you will find in our safety glasses, are polarized, smoked, anti-fog lenses, panoramic glasses, which will be of great help for all your professional activities, protecting your eyes from particles and physical risks of your integrity providing the best eye protection.


    Work helmets and all kinds of safety helmets for work in height, anti-shock caps, lightweight helmets and with the possibility of multiple accessories. In our extensive catalog you will discover why we attach such a noteworthy importance to the protection of the head as one of the main individual protection teams (epis). One of our recommendations is the entire Kask safety line for its convenience and design, bringing the best technology of sport to the labor sector.


    Thanks to decades of experience, PETZL designs, manufactures and makes available the most suitable protective equipment for each hazardous work activity. Those that have the best features and the safest, so that each gesture in your activity is easier and more effective and one more step towards the inaccessible.

    The range of professional PETZLl protective equipment is indicated for all professionals at work at height and rescue. The safety material offered by PETZL will allow you to carry out all the work without any risk.

    PETZL provides technical answers to users, answers that go through the design of products, but also by sharing their experience in the vertical world. PETZL is defined as innovation to better serve athletes and professionals at their level of quality demand.

  • Heigh protection Epis

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against Falls from Height should be used when there is a risk that users will fall from a different level, provided that this risk could not be avoided or reduced by applying other preventive measures.

    The PPE against High Falls form the so-called Individual Protection Systems against high falls, designed to prevent or stop free falls, consisting of a body grip device that is connected to an anchorage point by means of a connection system.


    Protective equipment and Epis for the protection of health professionals and emergency services against the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite the logistical difficulties of these days, we make available to the healthcare world all the preventive measures for the fight and protection against COVID-19: panoramic goggles, disposable overalls, latex gloves, face masks, face shields, etc. ...

    Due to the high demand and continuous change in our stock, we recommend that you confirm our stocks before making your purchase

  • Hearing Protection
  • Body's Protection

    When your joints are inflamed or damaged, you need to take certain precautions with your daily activities.

    Joint protection means performing everyday tasks in a way that reduces the load on the affected joints. Learning how to protect your joints can make work easier and help you reduce pain and save energy. In musculoskeletal disorders, pain is the main symptom suffered by the worker and, obviously, depending on the injury that the worker suffers, pain can range from mild or moderate to acute.
    In this category you will find accessories (knee pads and girdles) for your protection and injury prevention.

  • First Aid Kit

    Botiquines para protección y primeros auxilios.

  • Others protection...

    ClLine of articles of disposable clothing and single-use complements, intended for health services, research, laboratories, operating rooms, food sector, etc. Disposable clothing and other disposable products at the best quality-price. Consult our gowns, polypropylene and plastic work overalls, for visits, and the special plastic aprons, sleeves and shoe covers to protect the worker from minimal risks and always maintain total hygiene in the production chain. We have all kinds of disposable clothes. If you do not find what you need, do not hesitate to contact us, surely we can provide it.othing, garment and disposable complements for one use that guarantee the protection of the usual clothing. Ideal for cleaning and sanitary sectors

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Showing 1 - 12 of 423 items

EPI (personal protective equipment) means any device or means that will be carried or that will be available to a person in order to protect against one or more risks that may threaten their health and safety.ide variety of approved items for your physical protection either ocular. auditory, head, in the heights, maritime tasks,