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Cofra, world leader in the manufacture of workwear and protective footwear offers a wide variety of collections of uniforms, workwear and safety footwear for all professionals in the workplace offering the best quality at very competitive prices, without ever forgetting a constant evolution is their garments, fruit of their commitment to offer the best benefits to their customers around the world.

The Cofra workwear, as well as its wide collection of safety footwear, is currently one of the world references for this sector.

The long history of the manufacturer of footwear dating back to 1938 in Barletta during the post-war period, manufacturing footwear with soles made with military truck tires and insteps that are recycled military uniforms. Since then its continuous growth is the result of a very attentive business management that has made the company a leader in the footwear sector for professional use, being a recognized and consolidated brand in Europe and throughout the world.

Since 2004, diversification and expansion of the product range has begun, especially incorporating industrial workwear. Later the firm has been incorporating its epis collections, also integrating work gloves, protective masks, safety glasses and anti-fall protection systems.

As far as safety footwear is concerned, we offer the most complete catalog of safety sports shoes and protective boots, all complying with the corresponding safety standards in all professional sectors. From footwear for firefighters, footwear with protection anticorte for chainsaw, including footwear for electricians, gore-tex boots, footwear for hotels, water boots and a long etcetera. All this through the properties that provide the best and most innovative materials used: non-slip soles, composite toe cap or fiberglass toe, breathable fabric, anti-perforation insole, Thinsulate, Gore-tex, Cordura, Boa closures, etc ... Posts to recommend one of its lines, perhaps we would do it for the COFRA RUNNING, for its lightness and flexibility that give all its models the indispensable comfort so that the working day runs according to our interest. An example of this is the COFRA PETRI model. However, the field and the needs are so wide, that it is best to always look for the model that best suits our needs. For this reason, COFRA offers the widest range of possibilities.

The same commitment of constant innovation is the one that they pose in all the garments of work clothes that during all these years they continue offering, with a constant implementation and improvement in new collections. In this way their uniforms consist of individual protection devices such as knee protectors for jobs that require it, protective clothing, high visibility garments for professional use, protective clothing for the cold, clothing for protection against rain, retardant flame and heat, protection for welding, protection against thermal risks of the electric arc, against electrostatic charges, but also protection against chemical products, radioactive contamination, atex clothing, among others. In this way, some of their garments in work clothes are a referent in the labor market and articles such as carpenter trousers are already a classic among professionals in many industrial sectors. Other recently launched collections are entering the market with very firm footing. One of them is the COFRA ERGOWEAR line, garments made with elastic fabric and resistance to wear guaranteed by a reinforced fabric with a higher percentage of polyester. But it is also worth highlighting his line COFRA JEANS, workwear in denim fabric of which they were one of the first manufacturers of work clothes to bet on it.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 1015 items