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Security Harnesses


Security Harnesses

The safety harness is the protection equipment by which every operator is fixed by means of a connector and a set of elements that make up the anchoring system, allowing work with full guarantees. All protection harnesses are regulated by the EN 361 standard.

Security Harnesses 

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Harnesses are essential to guarantee a correct fall prevention system during work that represents a risk at height.
European regulations distinguish them based on the following characteristics:

UNE-EN 361: 2002: Fall arrest harnesses that protect against falls from a height when the risk of falling is real.
UNE-EN 358: 2000: Belts for restraint and restraint and their restraint lashing components as individual protection for restraint in work position and prevention of falls from height (the risk of falling being null or non-existent).
UNE-EN 813: 2009: Seat harnesses for the prevention of falls from a height. It should be noted that they are not suitable for arresting a fall.
UNE-EN 1497: 2008: Rescue harnesses.
Description and characteristics of fall arrest harnesses

The fall arrest harnesses are made up of polyester or nylon bands and their corresponding hardware to withstand a fall fall (EN 361) or position and hold us during risky work at height (EN 368). They are also used as a lifting or lowering element in the workplace and or rescue (EN1497). One consideration when choosing a fall arrest system:

That we adjust comfortably to the body and in this way ensure an optimal adaptation to our body morphology. They can be available in various sizes (XSM, STD, XLG and SXL), although the standard STD model (suitable up to 1.90 m in height and 100 kg in weight) adjusts and adapts to most people. The design, the width of the bands and the padding on the shoulders, belt and legs increase this important characteristic.
We recommend a harness that allows easy donning and adjustment. That it also allows, movements and displacements without restriction or annoyance during all work activity.
Two styles of harness are available on the market:
Parachute type, characterized by the placement similar to that of a vest.
With the straps crossed on the chest, being placed by the head as a pullover.
The selection is generally a matter of personal preference of the user. Also highlight the various types of hardware that the harness incorporates:
Buckles, the dorsal and front attachment points, identified with 'A', both to be used as fall arrest devices and also for rescue purposes. On the hips or sides, used only for support or positioning at work. The hooks on the shoulders are generally sewn loops of the band itself, which are used in lifting or lowering maneuvers to the workplace or for self-rescue and rescue.