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Buy sanitary uniforms
Buy your work uniform of sanitary clothing that you are looking for for hospital, clinic, residences, pharmacy, laboratory ... In our VESLAB online store we offer you a wide catalog of sanitary uniforms and sanitary clogs with very reasonable prices.


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    Selección de chaquetas y casacas destinadas al sector sanitario, limpieza, etc.


    Gran variedad de pantalones sanitarios de entre los que podrá elegir los que mejor se adapten a sus necesidades laborales.


    Gran variedad de batas de todos los estilos para cualquier actividad profesional.


    Selección de los modelos de calzado y complementos indispensables para los profesionales de estos sectores.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 280 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 280 items

Top quality sanitary clothing
Medical uniforms
You can find a wide variety of medical clothing and medical clothing from the best national brands such as Lacla, Velilla and Sager. In addition to the best international brands such as Isacco. We offer you from the basic white coat at a reduced price to cotton robes of the highest quality.

Nurse clothing
You can find the most complete offer in sanitary pajamas, with a wide range of colors and for all pockets. We offer you basic uniforms of mass consumption to more exclusive products from international manufacturers for clinics looking for a more special touch.

Pharmacy clothing
Pharmacy workwear is an important base of our clientele. Pharmacists demand a superior product from us, both for men and women, with a sizing and design with a plus of quality. Brands like Isacco or Leiber sure meet the best expectations.

Optical uniforms
We have a multitude of models and colors that can be adapted to the corporate image of each business. Jackets in a multitude of colors, with different types of closure, with zipper, buttons, clasps ... Many available in cotton, combined or polyester. Browse our purchase options and find the uniform you are looking for.

Veterinarian coats
Veterinarian clothing really takes the award for funniest uniform. You can find a multitude of medical jackets and sanitary caps with original and fun drawings. Prints of dogs, cats, lizards, footprints, bears, ladybugs ... you just have to choose the animal you want to accompany you.

Dental gowns
We sell white, green or blue work gowns for dentists, for all pockets, which you can personalize with the print or embroidery of the name of the doctor or clinic.
Find your ideal work uniform on, use all the shopping options that we put at your disposal to quickly find, without using more time than necessary, your work clothes. If you have questions, want a quote or do not find what you are looking for, you can contact us through various channels.
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If you have any questions about your online purchase of sanitary clothing, do not hesitate to contact our team.