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Thanks to decades of experience, PETZL designs, manufactures and makes available the most suitable protective equipment for each hazardous work activity. Those that have the best features and the safest, so that each gesture in your activity is easier and more effective and one more step towards the inaccessible.

The range of professional PETZLl protective equipment is indicated for all professionals at work at height and rescue. The safety material offered by PETZL will allow you to carry out all the work without any risk.

PETZL provides technical answers to users, answers that go through the design of products, but also by sharing their experience in the vertical world. PETZL is defined as innovation to better serve athletes and professionals at their level of quality demand.


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    Petzl harnesses, easy to use, comfortable, equipped with numerous accessories and technically adapted to the demands of the jobs for which they have been designed, are a reference in terms of efficiency and safety for workers at height.


    Flashlights and headlamps


    Petzl protective helmets are essential for work at height and certain industrial activities. These safety helmets ensure effective protection for the user in the event of falling objects and in the event of a person falling.


    Petzl has a complete range of lanyards that respond to different uses: either to hold it in the workplace or to have an energy absorber that limits the effort transmitted to the user in the event of a fall.


    Installed on a safety rope, the Petzl professional sliding lifeline accompanies the user during their progression, both in inclined and vertical planes. In the event of a crash or sudden acceleration, they lock to stop the fall.


    To respond to different configurations on the ground, Petzl proposes various types of connectors with various shapes, sizes, opening capacities and locking systems.


    The descenders are designed to regulate the braking and control the descent along a fixed rope. They also allow you to position yourself at any point on the rope to work. Some Petzl descenders also serve as an insurer.


    Petzl Professional offers various types of rock and concrete anchors that allow you to form permanently installed or removable fixed anchors. There are different types of steel so that the anchor is suitable for the environment in which it will be used:
    -Standard steel, for indoor use or specific work.
    -High quality 316L stainless steel, for use in traditional exteriors.
    -HCR 904 stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items

PETZL offers you a wide range of products for the vertical world: fall arrest harnesses, protection helmets, carabiners, sliding fall arresters, EPIS ... Rope access techniques, difficult accesses and height support in the workplace. Petzl is also the specialist for led headlamps.

Not all work at height is carried out under the same conditions: sometimes you work suspended from a rope because there is no possibility of resting your feet anywhere; others on a surface, which can be flat or inclined, PETZL responds to you in choosing a personal protective equipment (PPE) for any working condition.

PETZL's extensive experience in the vertical world is embodied in a range of products specifically designed for professionals at work at height and rescue. The benefits of these products respond to the demands that these professionals face in their daily work: repetitive and intensive use of the material, climatic adversities, diverse areas of intervention ... They maximize ergonomics, simplicity and comfort of use while respecting an absolute quality requirement.

For Poda work, Petzl is the best resource for interventions in which it cannot be carried out with basket or lifting platform type external means, due to the difficulty of working between branches and the thickness of the groves. In this case, to progress and work, the pruner uses the techniques of rope displacement.

The implementation and maintenance work of energy resources and communication networks are generally located in metal towers, antennas and wind turbines. The modes of progression are varied and directly related to the construction itself.

In the work to be carried out on structures and roofs, the risks of slipping and falling are high. A safety device must be installed to protect against these dangers.

We must not forget rescue situations on the ground, either of a victim or in the event of self-evacuation on their own. In this case, the work team present on site must be able to intervene immediately and place it in a safe place. Technical rescue teams intervene when the situation is particularly dangerous and requires the deployment of significant means.

At we offer you the entire Petzl Professional catalog, where you will find the most appropriate EPIS according to the type of work at height to be carried out. We include the latest innovations, focused on Petzl VOLT harnesses, ABSORBICA and PROGRESS lanyards, as well as descenders for MAESTRO technical rescues and also two ropes specifically designed for pruning: FLOW 11.6 mm and CONTROL 12.5 mm. Illumination is not far behind with the new very compact SWIFT RL PRO rechargeable headlamp, but with a power of 900 lumens and REACTIVE LIGHTING technology, which will become a favorite of professionals in crafts, maintenance or show.