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SHOWA is the only company that fully controls the design and manufacture of its protective gloves. At SHOWA, they continue to innovate every day to provide each user with a product that meets their expectations. This autonomy, immune to the methods and concepts of the competition, is based on constantly surpassing the above, ensuring that all users enjoy optimal comfort and safety in their professional tasks.

SHOWA is constantly working to reduce the carbon footprint through small and large measures in its offices. In this way, they commit to reducing the use of paper through digitization, implementing strict recycling programs and encouraging employees to use public transport and bicycles to get to work.

They also strive in their factories to minimize the impact on the environment. For example, ensuring that the water they use is properly treated afterwards so that it is not harmful to the environment. Whenever possible, they recycle their customers' used PVC gloves. Their effort to reuse and conserve resources in Japan and Malaysia has earned them ISO 14001 certification - a global standard in environmental management that helps them constantly improve all of their operations.

The history of the world renowned manufacturer of work gloves goes back more than 60 years in Manchuria during the 2nd World War. Its later founder, Akeo Tanaka, was drafted into the army and suffered, like many of his compatriots, extremely harsh conditions. The harsh memories of soldiers who had lost their fingers to frostbite (despite wearing rabbit fur gloves and cotton inner gloves) were the cause of a reaction that years later would revolutionize the field of hand protection.

After the war, Tanaka worked in the manufacture of PVC ink cartridges for fountain pens. He observed that traditional gloves for industrial work at the time were strong but not functional - the two most important needs. Drawing inspiration from the hands of his comrades, he had the ingenious idea of ​​developing a prototype glove made from this "material of the future." This was in 1953 and Akeo Tanaka had just invented the PVC glove, the first step of many to achieve what would be his life's ambition: hand protection.

The first PVC glove was designed to be practical and safe: thick on the palm and fingertips, with a thinner cuff for easy donning. Thanks to the tactile quality of the movement of the fingers and the durability of the glove, this prototype began to gain popularity in marine use, in the industrial sector and in the fishing trade (SHOWA 660 currently dominates this market).

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  • Latex palm coated work glove over polyester / cotton lining. Manufactured with an ergonomic design that reproduces the natural curvature of the hand. Meets standard EN388: 2013 2142X

    3,23 €
  • Protective glove with nitrile coating on the palm on a seamless nylon lining, available in black or white.It is a work glove with a soft grip and an ergoomic design that reproduces the natural curvature of the hand to improve comfort.Meets standard EN388: 2016 4121X

    3,78 €
  • Protective glove with polyurethane coating on the palm over a nylon lining.Complies with regulations in accordance with Category II mechanical hazards EN388: 2016 EN3131X

    2,93 €
  • Work glove designed to offer maximum manageability in greasy environments. Offering a durable grip in both wet and dry environments, the Showa 380 general purpose glove provides tactile precision when working with small oily components or lifting heavy objects. Complies with EN 388: 2016 3121X regulations

    3,70 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items