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COFRA Workwear



COFRA Workwear

The comfortable Cofra workwear, workwear, pants, uniforms and accessories of the renowned Italian firm is focused on the most demanding professionals in the world of work. All your work clothes are designed to allow maximum freedom of movement thanks to the ergonomic cut and durability of all your work clothes.

COFRA Workwear 

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  • Cofra Shellwear
  • Cofra Super Stretch

    The workwear of the Super Stretch Cofra line offers the most absolute elasticity through a fabric made up of elastic fibers guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement.

  • Cofra Slim Work

    The Cofra Slim Work workwear line combines robustness and freedom of movement in all its articles with elegance in modern designs. A line of workwear that will adapt to all your needs.

  • Cofra Ergowear 300 grs.

    100% Stretch and elastic clothing line. It stands out for its ergonomics, resistance and design. They are recommended for workplaces at cold temperatures and outside. Work clothes adapted to any work situation.

  • Cofra Ergowear 250 grs.

    Clothing line 100 % Stretch and elastic. It noted for its ergonomics, durability and design. Recommended for indoor Works.

  • Cofra Workwear

    Comfort and strenght

  • Cofra Everytime Winter

    The Cofra Everytime Winter workwear line offers you technical and innovative winter fabrics.

  • Cofra Winter
    Protection against cold and bad weather.
  • Cofra Casual Safety...
    Stretch fabrik, vintage effect and italian style.
  • Casual Safety 240 grs.
  • Cofra Mixextended

    The Cofra Mixextended workwear is a line of workwear full of details. Suitable for any professional sector that offers great freedom of movement and breathability.

  • Cofra High Visibility
  • Cofra Tech-wear
    X-Barrier Stain-resistant fabric with nanotechnology treatment.
  • Cofra Canvas

    This line of Cofra Canvas workwear is designed with a 100% breathable cotton fabric that gives them great breathability and comfort throughout the day.

  • Cofra Lighter Wear
    100% cotton (200 g / m2) work clothes line, pleasant to wear does not cause allergic reactions and does not irritate the skin.
  • Cofra Entry-L Workwear

    Adaptable and sturdy

  • Cofra Cotton Pro

    A range of functional and easy design garments.

  • Cofra Warm Pro
    This range has been designed to protect against froid.
  • Cofra Massaua
    Basic but exgtremely comfortable
  • Cofra Woman

    Designed acording to ergonomics for woman.

  • Cofra Jeans

    The best textile innovation for work jeans

  • Cofra Painter Workwear

    The stain-resistant white. Garment for painters and decorators.

  • Cofra Saniwear

    Line of disposable medical devices for the medical-health sector (hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, nursing homes) made not only to meet the needs of doctors, nurses, professionals in the sector but also patients, visitors and staff of service. The line includes different types of disposable products (gowns, caps, shoe covers and surgical mask) used for reasons hygiene and safety that minimize the sources of possible infections and ensure complete equipment for different needs operational.

  • Cofra Entry-L Winter
    Pratical, sturdy and cold resistant.

    A range of high performance products made with a sofashell fabric with a COFRA-TEX membrane that reaches 3 times the impermeability and breathability values ​​of the European standard.

  • Cofra Flame Retardant
    New collection of fireproof products made to offer maximum protection and comfort even in the most rigid climatic conditions.
  • Cofra Rainwear
    Rainproof workwear
  • Cofra Weatherproof
    Waterproofness, Breathability at excellents levels.
  • Cofra Chainsaw Protection

    Protective clothing for users of hand held chainsaws.

  • Cofra Everytime Summer...

    It is a line of clothing made of elastic and highly breathable fabrics that allow complete freedom of movement, leaving the body dry thanks to its ability to quickly absorb sweat.

  • COFRA Accessories
  • Cofra ESD
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Showing 1 - 12 of 249 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 249 items