P36BA 10

Standard steel anchor for use indoors or on-site jobs (pack of 20)

The COEUR BOLT STEEL is a steel anchor consisting of a COEUR STEEL plate, a pin and a nut. It is intended to be used indoors or on time jobs. Diameter of 10 mm.

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60,50 €

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Economical offer for environments with little corrosion.
Steel set consisting of a COEUR STEEL plate, a pin and a nut.
Carabiner Ease:
- Wide and ergonomic connection hole that facilitates the karabiner.
- The size of the hole allows to install two carabiners simultaneously.
Preventing connector wear: The large thickness of the board material and the rounded edges of the connection hole limit wear on the connectors.
Anti-rotation system of the plate: reliefs on the rear face that prevent the plate from turning when the anchor is installed, but also during use, due to the strong lateral stresses.
Available in two pin sizes (10 or 12 mm).
COEUR STEEL plates available separately:
- For 10 mm diameter plug (P36AA 10).
- For 12 mm diameter plug (P36AA 12).
Materials: steel