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Cofra Delfo work boots feature a fully water repellent leather outer with a special breathable lining which both absorbs and also releases moisture. This gives the added benefit of not only keeping your feet dry but also drawing sweat away from your foot.

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The sole features Cofra Sany-Dry which also aids in keeping your foot dry (and also not smelly!). The anti-static sole is fully removable and perfect for those working in conditions where static build up is a concern.

The boot featers a wider front and so is perfect for anyone who has found other safety boots to be a little too tight at the front, and with the bigger foot in mind this boot is available in UK sizes 13 - 16.

With an S3 rating the boot has 200 joule toecap protection through it's steel toe cap, antistatic sole and is resistant to water.

We feel that this boot offers great value and specification for someone who has perhaps struggled to find a boot which is available in this size range before.

Trivia: The boot gets it's name from the Italian district of Delfo which is close to Pisa.

Cofra Delfo Review

All in all the Delfo is a good solid working boot, obviously aimed at someone looking for a larger size without having to go bespoke. It's tought and rugged and will certainly last. The image below shows the solid contruction of the boot.

This boot is a solid all rounder and while it probably won't win any awards for looks, it's a boot that's going to last you and be a good performer. While there usually isn't much choice for someone with larger feet this boot could be the answer. Available in UK sizes 13 all the way up to 16.