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Wide catalog of safety shoes and work shoes for all professional sectors

Safety shoes and work shoes for all sectors. From sectors as diverse as industrial, construction, Hospitality, Food, nautical, welders, aesthetics, sanitary. Also depending on the place or weather we can offer many possibilities in work boots, protective shoes and / or safety shoes. good for cold places, summer shoes, gore-tex, among others.


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  • HELLY HANSEN Footwear...

    Helly Hansen workwear in its line of safety footwear, stands out for its protective footwear and waterproof work boots. The Helly Hansen safety footwear collection is currently one of the most popular collections of safety boots and work shoes. This range of high performance styles has been developed to provide you with fantastic comfort while offering the necessary foot protection in the modern workplace.

  • DIKE shoes lined

    The company DIKE offers you a wide catalog of safety footwear ideal for your protection with the best design and color.

  • SPARCO Safety Shoes

    CSparco Footwear Teamwork is the collection of safety footwear and protection boots produced by Sparco and designed to offer users a range of Racing style in which lightness, comfort and safety stand out.onsult the security footwear catalog of Sparco, Italian accessories and auto parts company, safety footwear, sportswear, etc.


    New line of safety footwear, specially adapted, to a demanding public that needs maximum protection, comfort and design


    Lemaitre Sécurité is a French company with international projection specialized in the design and manufacture of safety footwear and protective boots. In the last 40 years, they have put all their passion and experience from Alsace to offer the highest quality sports safety footwear for the user. They are based on the latest trends to offer innovative, durable design products for all industrial sectors.

  • SKL Safety Shoes

    The SKL safety footwear offers a shoe for every taste. The most important search was made in this direction. Transform the safety shoe into a casual shoe suitable for each type of situation and look.

  • LOTTO WORKS Safety Shoes

    Teamwork for maximum safety and absolute comfort. Lotto Works is the collection of safety footwear with a sporty design and an inimitable Italian style.

  • LEE COOPER Safety Shoes
  • PAREDES Safety Shoes

    Paredes safety footwear is a protective shoe inspired by the image and sports concept, providing comfort and lightness according to these features.

  • WORK-GUARD Safety Shoes

    If you are looking for a shoe that gives you confidence along with comfort and durability, Result Work-Guard will not disappoint you.

  • Electricians Shoes

    Safety footwear and work protection for the professional in contact with electrical risks. Here you will find electrician footwear to protect you from possible discharges.

  • Forest Safety Boots

    Forest protection boots recommended to equip the professional of the field, gardening or forestry work. This is a selection of high-top safety shoes, water-repellent or waterproof fabrics, as well as an aggressive cleat sole to adapt to uneven terrain.

  • Sanitary safety shoes

    Footwear for health professionals, pharmacists, geriatrics, laboratories, for its comfort and design to combat fatigue and foot pain.

  • Summer Safety Shoes

    Summer workwear that by its design with openings facilitate the breathability of the foot in times with more temperature, while still providing the most complete protection.

  • Calzado para señoras
  • Sport Safety Shoes

    Las líneas más cómodas para los que no quieren dejar de trabajar sin calzar con aire desenfrenado, joven y deportivo.

  • Safety shoes

    Wide catalog of footwear and boots of protection and security directed to all the professional sectors.

  • Cold weather work &...

    Wide variety of safety shoes with maximum safety and comfort to deal with extreme cold environments such as cold rooms or extreme climates.

  • Shoes Food & Beverage...

    Consult our extensive catalog of comfortable and elegant footwear for professionals in the hospitality industry and the service sector.

  • BOA System Shoes

    BOA® Zipper Safety Shoes

    Safety footwear with BOA closure system, allowing a perfect, fast, easy and durable fit. Very resistant to dirt. You will also find boots with a Boa closure system.

  • Goretex Safety Boots

    Footwear that ensures coWide range of COFRA footwear in its Gore-Tex line with which it guarantees total impermeability.mplete waterproofing.

  • Construction & Builder...
  • Waterproof Boots

    Wide variety of waterproof boots designed for professionals who must be in permanent contact with water.

  • Sailing's industry...
  • Special Sizes
  • Microelectronic...

    Cumplen normativa ESD CEI EN 61340-5-1. Resistencia Eléctrica hacia tierra comprendida entre 0,75 yy 35 MOhm

  • Calzado línea blanca

    Wide variety of comfortable shoes, lightweight and anti slippery soles of recognized brands such as Crocks, Cofra, Swedes, among others.

  • Welder Safety Boots

    Wide variety of footwear for welders with velcro closure and buckle for the protection of welding projections.

  • Calzado para alfaltistas

    Shoes indicated to withstand high temperatures on contact with your sole.

  • Chemistry Industry Boots

    Ideal footwear for professionals in construction, transport, waste management and tasks at risk of slips and falls.

  • Calzado para vidrerías

    Wide catalog of footwear for professionals who work in glass and glassware with interior protection anticorte.orte

  • Calzado para bomberos
  • Army, military, police...
    We have the best and broadest range of tactical, assault and general terrain boots for the police, military and security services.
  • Non safety Shoes or...

    Line of Cofra that offers maximum attention to comfort, technicality and attention to detail, CofraMove gives the right value to quality.

  • Refineries Safety Shoes
  • Safety footwear for...
    No detectable by metal detectors.
  • Shoes for steel industry.
    Shoes for steel industry, steel mills and waste management.
  • Soles and accessories...

    Semelles and all kind of accessories

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Showing 1 - 12 of 1015 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 1015 items

In our wide range of protection boots, work shoes and safety shoes you will find many possibilities that depending on your regulations (S1, S1P, S3, ...) will be adapted to the requirements of your professional activity. Our intention is always to offer you the latest trends and technologies from the best manufacturers with the intention of providing the best comfort to your feet, taking into account all the time you spend in your work days. In this sense, the latest materials such as composite, carbon fiber, anti-perforation textile insole, non-slip sole, boa closure, etc. as well as its associated characteristics: flexibility, lightness, comfort, are criteria to be taken into account by our purchasing department to offer you the best options.

We always have the best and most prestigious brands in the market: Cofra, Helly Hansen workwear, Sparco, Dike, SKL, Lotto works, Walls, Dunlop. Our intention is to offer the best comfort considering that it is in the working day where more time our joints are in constant activity, so we must take care of them with knowledge. A midsole that offers good cushioning and absorption of impact, as well as a non-slip sole will allow a quality tread at all times, so in addition to a good design at a glance, we must bet on the best technology of each of these manufacturers. In this sense, we discard at all times models that do not offer the minimum guarantees of comfort for our users.

Our experience in the sale of safety shoes endorses us after several decades professionally dedicated to this sector. In this sense, do not hesitate to send us any questions ( related to this essential addition to your working day before making your purchase. Our advice can be very useful and in this way you will avoid unnecessary pains, betting on the comfort that will bring you a good choice of your footwear on a daily basis.

You will also find a wide range of sizes, from a size 35, especially indicated as footwear for women, to a possible size 51 in safety shoes of special large size. As you can see, we do not have limits in this sense either. As for the various options we offer, you can find from safety sports shoes, protective boots for cold places, shoes that are intended for summer breathability, boots for fishing or the world of agriculture. We also want to recommend our collection of protection footwear with gore-tex membrane that will guarantee the impermeability of your feet. More unique lines are, for example, footwear for firemen, or for those who require protection for chainsaw by clearing. Some of them offer characteristics and approved properties to save electrical risks. In short, a multitude of options for all work needs. Do not forget to optimize your purchases through the various accessories that we put at your disposal, such as templates, socks and / or laces that we put at your disposal.