Tienda Online de vestuario laboral

Rule No. 1
By sending your request we manage instantly after checking the proper management of the same in turn. Subsequently, a transportation agency will reach the address by ud. indicated between 48-72 hours after confirmation.
If we did not have timely stock in your choice (due to size or color), or the garments are to be personalized, we will contact you. immediately to inform them.
In the case of partially delivering complete orders, outstanding items will be shipped free of charge for you.
Rule No. 2
If you want to return your merchandise, it shall notify by e-mail within 15 days of receipt stating the reason thereof, as by law.
The postage for the return to our headquarters, are charged to the customer in the middle that is most appropriate, except that it is a mistake on our part or a manufacturing defect.
Items should be sent in its original packaging and not have been tampered with or used by the customer. After checking the correct state of the same, proceed to change without postage fee or to make a payment for your transfer.
No returns will be accepted custom garments, so please check your instructions at the time you detail your requests.