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Bollé safety offers the possibility to the user who requires prescription protective glasses in their workplace, providing more comfort and without losing a point of security at all times. It offers new stylish, sporty frames, as well as an exclusive office line.


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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

The technical efficiency of all Bollé Safety goggles goes beyond the norms and provides high safety in the eyes of your employees. Obviously, the comfort and design of the lenses and frames are studied to provide optimal vision and make you want to wear them.
In addition to guaranteed safety, we help you choose the right protection for each employee. What standard? What material? What shade? ... This guide will help you determine the essential product for each one.
With effective protections that increase the desire to purchase them and a simplified ordering procedure complemented by the advice of optical specialists, Bollé Safety is a strategic choice when implementing your HSE policy.

Bollé Safety's Excellence correction program is configured to improve worker vision and safety and offers different types of graduated glasses:

Monofocal or unifocal crystals. They only have a graduation for a specific distance: myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. They are called simple focus because they allow you to see either from near or far, but not at all distances.
Progressive or multifocal lenses. It allows the presbyte to see well at any distance. Far, intermediate and near vision are progressively distributed over the entire height of the glass, without apparent delimitation. This type of glass adapts to all activities for daily use.
Bifocal crystals. Intended for people who need to use near vision and distance vision. The upper part of the glass corrects far vision and the lower part corrects near vision.
Occupational or regressive crystals. They are intended to first improve near vision and then intermediate vision with a decreasing power in the part of the glass. There are four fixed decreases: 0.75 1.25 1.75 or 2.25 diopters, depending on the needs.
Free Form crystals. It is available in unifocal and progressive. It is customized according to the user's activity profile and the frame parameters for perfect vision at all distances and an optimization of the fields of vision.
In addition, Bollé Safety lenses offer B-Zen, anti-reflective and Platinum treatments. They also protect against radiation, in addition to having the property, in some cases, photochromic: the glass is tinted depending on the amount of ultraviolet rays.

The frames of the Excelence program offer a frame whose curvature varies from 4 to 8. With grade 4 being recommended for all graduations, grade 6 which adapts to 85% of graduations and grade 8, to 70% of graduations.

As members of the Bollé Safety Excellence online store, our client must send us the prescription provided by their ophthalmologist with which they will later formulate their order in our online store with the model of glasses they choose for subsequent prescription. Immediately, we will send you a prescription sheet with which you can go to the optician closest to your home arranged with our program and they will provide you with your prescription protective glasses. In the case of companies, ask us about the Excellence plan with which you can manage the eye protection of your employees who require personalized vision graduation.