It is a comfortable work footwear for hospitality and healthcare professionals who are standing for many hours during their workday.

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Codeor has found the freshest and most anatomical solution for professionals who spend many hours standing or walking in the summer.

Bidensity / bi-color expanded polyurethane floor plus TPU shock absorption point

Shoe laces with the cut made using Nanoflash technology: it does not have any type of seam, which substantially improves the quality and properties. Consequence of direct injection, the union of the cut with the floor is not glued or sewn, both merge into one piece and from it derive: durability, quality, flexibility, lightness and ergonomics.

It is non-slip, absorbs energy in the heel, waterproof, high breathability, tear and abrasion resistant. It does not crack, does not age and is washable even in a washing machine. The material of the grid type cut is highly breathable, so the thermal comfort of the shoe in this case is very high.

Manufactured according to EN ISO 20347

Its fabric has the following characteristics:

• Breathable. • Seamless [one piece]. • It allows washing up to 40 ºC. • Does not age, does not crack and is very resistant to tearing and abrasion. • Long duration. • Easy cleaning.

Lining • High perspiration, absorbency and drying power. • Thermal comfort. • Keeps the foot dry. • Material without chrome (Oeko-Tex® standard 100).

Microfiber template on polyurethane foam. • Thermy-Tex antibacterial treatment, inhibits the development of bacteria that cause a bad smell. • Drying effect, maintains a pleasant foot temperature. • Amplify comfort.

Expanded polyurethane sole. • Anti slip. • Hydrocarbon resistance. • Lightness. And flexibility. • Shock absorber. • Facilitates a balanced plantar support. • Trio and heat insulation. • Biomechanical and articular comfort, adapting to the walking phase.