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Cofra Move - Trekking Boots



Cofra Move - Trekking Boots

With this line of Trekking Footwear and Boots, Cofra offers a collection adapted to sports activities or for use in the mountains with the best features and technology.
It is a line that will allow you to optimize your purchases in our online store to develop your recreational activity, such as hiking, hunting, trekking or for daily use.

Cofra Move - Trekking Boots 

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

Among its characteristics, we can highlight that the Italian materials used in its manufacture guarantee perfect breathability and an ideal temperature inside the footwear at all times, being a guarantee of quality and durability of the materials.

All the soles allow optimal energy absorption results during the tread. The midsole, on the other hand, absorbs all the impact energy, especially when this impact is the result of a more brutal action compared to normal movement such as jumps, rough terrain. The union of the midsole and PU sole ensures that the energy does not affect the spine and all the joints, preventing injuries.

It also offers excellent adherence to the instep of the foot thanks to the ergonomic cut and the padding in the areas of greatest pressure.

All models of boots and footwear for trekking Cofra offer materials with a waterproof breathable membrane, either Gore-tex or CofraTex fabric. In this way, the water does not penetrate into the inside of the shoe, but in the opposite direction since the steam molecules go out through the membrane, leaving the foot dry, a very important and valued element in our country outings or on average / high mountain.

Some of these models, especially the high-top boots, have a "sock" format structure to guarantee total impermeability since it fully envelops the morphology of the foot, both in its lower and upper part.

Its anti-torsion insole, characterized by its tenacity and robustness, prevents improper movements of the heel, preventing twisting of the ankle during the tread.

Other characteristics that we will find are the Thinsulate insulation, highly recommended in extreme cold conditions or, in activities where body heat is minimal.

Fabrics made with Cordura ensure good resistance to breaks, perforation, prolonging the life of footwear from other lighter materials by 2 to 7 times.