It is a lightweight, flexible, washable and long-lasting work shoe, derived from the direct injection manufacturing system, there are no seams or glued on the cut / floor joint, the shoe is one piece. Bidensity / bi-color floor composition.

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45,80 €

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Shoe laces, incorporates an area with relief on the sides marked by high frequency. Manufactured by injection, the union of the cut with the floor is not glued or sewn, both merge into one piece and from this derive: durability, quality, flexibility, lightness and ergonomics.

It is a lightweight work shoe with a non-slip sole, energy absorbing in the heel, waterproof, high breathability, tear and chemical resistant. It does not crack, does not age and is washable even in the washing machine. The technical comfort it offers eliminates approximately 90% of the heat that is generated on the foot, which means that most of the problems that occur to personnel due to the use of inappropriate footwear disappear.

Manufactured according to EN ISO 20347: 2012 Standard for the protection level OB + SRC + E + WRU.

Its On micro cutting fabric has the following characteristics:

• Breathable. • Waterproof • Allows washing up to 40 ºC. • Does not age, does not crack, and is very resistant to tearing and chemical agents. • Long duration. • Easy cleaning.

Dermo dry + Coolmax lining • High breathability, absorbency and drying power. • Thermal comfort, eliminating 90% of the heat generated • Keeps the foot dry. • Antibacterial protection. Material without chrome (Oeko-Tex® standard 100).

Microfiber template on polyurethane foam. • Thermy-Tex antibacterial treatment, inhibits the development of bacteria that cause a bad smell. • Drying effect, maintains a pleasant foot temperature. • Amplify comfort.

Bidensity / bicolor expanded polyurethane sole plus TPU shock absorption point. • Anti slip. • Hydrocarbon resistance. • Lightness. And flexibility. • Shock absorber. • Facilitates a balanced plantar support. • Cold and heat insulation. • Biomechanical and articular comfort, adapting to the walking phase.