Safety shoe Cofra Malindi

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Normativas S3 SRC

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STANDARD: EN ISO 20345: 2011

EMPEINE: water-resistant and breathable, flip-resistant fabric

INTERIOR LINING: DRYFRESH 100% polyester, three-dimensional, breathable, antibacterial, absorbent and absorbent, anti-abrasion

TEMPLATE: EVANIT with special mixture of EVA and nitrile, of great comfort and variable thickness (12mm - 8mm - 3.8mm). Thermoformed, anatomical, perforated and lined with very breathable fabric. Antistatic thanks to a special surface treatment and seams made with conductive threads

OUTSOLE: polyurethane / TPU

POINT: non-metallic TOP RETURN resistant to 200 J

ANTIPERFORATION TEMPLATE: non-metallic APT PLATE - Zero Perforation

HORMA: 10 Mondopoint (sizes 36-39) - 11 Mondopoint (sizes 40-48)

PLUS: tip protection in anti-abrasion leather

PERFORMANCES AND TECHNICAL FEATURES: Metal Free, anti-torsion support