This is one of the new models as sports shoes that COFRA to security concerns in their line FLYING WORK generation, offering maximum comfort as far as safety footwear is concerned.

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NormativasS3 SRC

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Polyurethane sole and nitrile rubber. The nitrile rubber floor is provided with a central rib with holding function, and side slip anti islands. The special design of the islands facilitates breaking of surface liquid layers in places of work, while the suction side of the bead heels favor a direct grip on the bottom. All this translates into a high slip resistance factor.
Rubber floor is suitable for different applications without affecting their physical properties. Poliuretanop midsole has been extensively studied to provide maximum comfort even in extreme conditions of use, creating an immersive feeling in the foot, increasing the surface of support. The most remarkable feature is its polyurethane plenty of support coupled with exceptional flexibility. It offers a higher absorption capacity at 30 Joules, more than 20 J. needed to meet the EN ISO 20345: 2011.
As for coefficients of sliding resistance and dynamic strength, superior to also meet the SRC (SRA ceramic + detergent solution) and SRB (steel + glycerin) standard requirements.
They feature steel toe cap resistant to 200 J.
Security Template APT Plate - Anti perforation textile 1100N and 100% across the plantar surface of sole.
Perforated EVA anatomical footbed and fabric, antistatic, guarantees high stability thanks to its different thicknesses right along its surface. The thickness of 12mm in the heel ensures comfort and increased support of the heel.

water repellent nubuck
breathable textile, it absorbs and releases moisture, abrasion resistant
AIR footbed, made of EVA and fabric, anatomic, holed, antistatic. It guarantees high stability thanks to its different kinds of thickness in the plantar area. The 12 mm thickness in the heel area guarantees higher comfort and support
polyurethane/nitrile rubber
MIDSOLE: non metallic APT Plate - Zero Perforation, TOE CAP: steel
11 Mondopoint
38-47 (5-12)