For those who want to distance themselves from the topics ... Flexible and slightly elastic garments, some laminated to protect from rain and wind, but all can adapt to the shape of your body without losing yours.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items

Dike raised in his day a line of work clothes out of the ordinary, different from everything else and, from the philosophy used in his safety shoes, he designed his workwear line of workwear.
In this way all Dike pants, sweatshirts, polo shirts and work shirts reflect an innovative technology that never leaves indifferent because of its bold colors and shapes.

Pantalones Dike

They are all, flexible and slightly elastic work clothes, designed to protect from wind and rain, but all configured to maintain body ergonomics and thus more comfort in the workday. They are iron-proof and washed-proof garments, even at high temperatures. Resistant but delicate in contact with the skin. Breathable and natural, but able to maintain body heat and dispense moisture. All your work clothes are made in Italy, made with a high quality cotton with fibers that perspire, adapt and react to external factors, ensuring adequate protection from both cold and heat.

The dye of all DIKE workwear garments is done through a special process that makes each piece unique. Differences in tone, tones and nuances are among its characteristics. A special fiber composition allows freedom of movement and high comfort, which can be seen perfectly in all Dike work pants. The work pullovers are made with comfortable plain knitted fabric, made of looms, soft and elastic both in width and length, to offer natural comfort. Dike work poles are characterized by a soft and fresh pique fabric with raised cords obtained on looms. We highlight the colorful softshell jackets, using a soft and light three-layer fabric, which provides warmth and cold insulation without adding weight. It allows sweat to evaporate quickly and helps keep warm and dry, even during intense effort. It is waterproof, protecting from snow and rain, and quick drying.