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Heigh protection Epis

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against Falls from Height should be used when there is a risk that users will fall from a different level, provided that this risk could not be avoided or reduced by applying other preventive measures.

The PPE against High Falls form the so-called Individual Protection Systems against high falls, designed to prevent or stop free falls, consisting of a body grip device that is connected to an anchorage point by means of a connection system.

Heigh protection Epis 

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  • Security Harnesses

    The safety harness is the protection equipment by which every operator is fixed by means of a connector and a set of elements that make up the anchoring system, allowing work with full guarantees. All protection harnesses are regulated by the EN 361 standard.


    Cofra's individual fall protection systems protect the user against falls from a height, preventing or stopping free fall. An individual fall protection system is made up of a set of components that are connected to each other in a separable or inseparable way. This includes: body braking device, reliable anchorage point and connection system.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 71 items

In general, “work at height” is understood to be that carried out in a place above the reference level, understanding as such the surface on which a worker can fall and cause personal injury. Jobs involving a risk of falling from a height greater than 2 meters require the use of protection against falls from a height; This does not exclude that when working at lower heights, the appropriate means and equipment should not be used for each situation.

PPE against falls from a height is category III, therefore the CE marking must be on the equipment followed by the identification number of the notified body participating in the procedure in accordance with the type (module C2 or D of Regulation (EU) 2016 / 425).